Dremel Versa PC365-3 Power Scrubber Variety Accessory Kit

Model # PC365-3

Product Specifications

The Power Cleaner Accessory Variety Pack is a combination of 3 cleaning pads best suited to clean a multitude of materials from ceramic & porcelain to glass and stainsless steel. They can be used multiple times and washed with water or cleaning detergents. The integrated hook and loop system allows their easy and fast change on the Dremel Versa Cordless Power Cleaner.

  • Eraser pad is a multipurpose microabrasive pad to be used on walls, floors, doors, shoes, glass and more
  • Non scratch pad is a general purpose fiber scouring pad to be used for tough jobs without scratching on pots, pans, grill exterior, sink, stove, and more
  • Heavy duty pad is an embedded grit abrasive pad to be used to cut through tough, stuck on messes and to remove paint from wood as well as rust from metal
  • Quick and easy accessory change with the hook and loop system
  • Oversized accessories get into corners and tight spaces
  • Includes PC361 Heavy Duty Brown Pad, PC362 Delicate Eraser Pad and PC363 Blue Non-Scratch Pad

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