How to Make a DIY Succulent Planter

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DIY Pots For Plants

How to Make a DIY Glass Succulent Planter in 3 Easy Steps


Escape the cold by bringing spring into your home with your own indoor garden. For low maintenance, year-round garden, create a glass succulent terrarium! Not only do these terrariums lighten the mood on dark snowy days spent inside, but they also provide the perfect canvas to express your personality and keep your creative mind flowing with your Dremel rotary tool and glass etching bits. Below we've detailed how to create a custom glass etching on your succulent terrarium in just 3 easy steps!


What You'll Need

•    Dremel Stylo+ versatile craft tool
•    Diamond engraving bits (7103, 7105, 7144 accessories recommended)
•    Clamp
•    Dusk mask
•    Safety glasses

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•    Succulents or cacti
•    Glass drinking cup- your choice on size and style (we recommend a pub glass or a whiskey glass)

•    Cactus soil 
•    River pebbles
•    Erasable marker
•    Paper towels
•    Cotton swabs (optional)

•    Etched glass stencils


Step 1: Trace Your Design

To prepare for etching glass, first draw your design onto the glass using your permanent marker freehand or with etched glass stencils. We recommend putting a paper towel inside the etching glass to help you see your tracing better. Whoops! Did you mess up that tracing a little? Not to worry, simply use a damp cotton swab to erase any mistakes and get your drawing as crisp as you like. Ensure you have your design all-set before start etching glass with your craft tool, after that there's no going back! 

Helpful hint: To make an easily etched glass stencil you can make a design on the computer, print it out, and trace over it for more detail and accuracy.


Step 2: Ready, Set, Etch!

Before you start, clamp your etching glass on its side to the table with a paper towel underneath. Once your etching glass is secured in place, put on your safety glasses and a dust mask. Now you're ready to start your glass etching! Grab your craft tool and use the diamond-tipped engraving accessories of your choice to etch glass over the drawing. For this glass etching project, we used the Dremel Stylo+ craft tool with the diamond engraving bits (7103, 7105, 7144 accessories recommended). The Dremel Stylo+ versatile craft tool is our lightest weight rotary tool and makes etching glass as easy as using a regular pen.  Use a paper towel to wipe away any dust off the etching glass as you go.

Step 3: Fill Up the Cup!

Set down your craft tool and begin to fill the etching glass 1/3 of the way full with the river pebbles. The pebbles prevent overwatering by allowing the water to drain past the soil. Fill the glass with another third of soil, then place the succulent inside and top it off with, you guessed it, a little more soil.

Helpful Hint: Use a spray bottle to water your succulent every other week, or when the soil is dry to the touch.  Aim for the roots instead of the leaves and do not overwater your plant.

Let Your Creativity Blossom!


Now you're ready to invite the spring into your home! Share your DIY glass etching with us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page using #ShareMyDremel


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