Dremel: Simple Solutions. Endless Possibilities.


The Dremel mission

At Dremel, we believe that when we all create, make and build, our world is a richer, more personal place to live. Therefore, it is our goal to empower you to accomplish your vision of bringing your ideas to life. To enable you to do this, we provide you with all the tools you need to tackle specialized tasks and challenges within your projects, from full product systems to project ideas, and from beginner’s guides to pro tips and tricks.


It all started when . . .

Back in 1906, a young, Austrian immigrant named Albert J. Dremel found his way to America. He was a Maker even before the definition of the word Maker as we use it today was known. A highly creative man, A.J. Dremel became the inventor’s inventor and his patents covered an incredibly wide variety of products, ranging from an electric eraser to the first design of the walk behind lawn mower.

A.J. attempted to retire, but soon tired of the inactivity so he purchased some manufacturing tools and founded the Dremel Manufacturing Company in Racine, Wisconsin in 1932. The company’s first product was an electric razor blade sharpener and a money saver for consumers.

However, it was A.J.’s second product for which he and his company would become known for the world over. It was a hand held, high-speed tool he named the Moto-Tool. The versatile performance of this product appealed to hobbyists and craftsman alike. Do-it-yourselfers praised the Moto-Tool as the perfect problem solver. Its compact size, versatility and high-speed offered everyone an alternative to large, bulky power tools. The uses for the rotary tool are countless and remain limited only by one’s imagination to this day.


Our evolution

A lot has changed since the Dremel brand first began. The Dremel rotary tool product line has grown to include numerous corded and cordless tool models, and in an effort to make the rotary tools even more versatile, we offer more than 150 accessories and multiple attachments.

Over the years, the Dremel brand has expanded beyond rotary tools to offer Makers a full line of versatile tool systems that deliver the perfect solution for almost any job. With our Dremel oscillating tools, compact saws, butane tools and specialty products Makers have come to know and trust the Dremel brand to complete their projects.

Today, we’re always listening to how our users will shape the future of making and by doing so, the Dremel brand has entered the world of digital fabrication to offer our line of Idea Builder™ 3D printers and the DigiLab laser cutter to provide the next generation of Makers with new and innovative technologies.

As we enter the future as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation Dremel celebrates over 85 years in business and maintains its commitment to innovation and quality. Regardless of what the task may be, the Dremel brand is dedicated to empowering Makers through creativity, precision and project enjoyment.


Our users

At home, people find us handy to repair their homes, enrich their hobbies and decorate and enhance their living environments both indoors and outside. The Dremel brand enjoys a reputation for quality and performance among crafters, Makers, do-it-yourselfers, and professionals. Outside the home, you’ll find Dremel products in museums, backstage in theaters, in school classrooms, laboratories, and in the construction trades. Regardless of where were our products are used, people see their Dremel tools as the perfect solution to many of life’s everyday chores and problems.


Dremel core values

Being over 85 years old, you learn a few things. Sometimes we’ve learned the easy way and sometimes we’ve learned by trial and error. But no matter how we’ve acquired the knowledge, we’ve internalized what we've learned and made this knowledge into our core values.


It makes us feel good to pass along our core values as a promise to you.


Because we value: Trying new challenges and discovering abilities

We promise to: Guide and support your quest for knowledge


Because we value: Trying new things and enjoying exploring

We promise to: Nurture and inspire your curiosity


Because we value: Ease and efficiency

We promise to: Deliver efficiency


Because we value: Admiration and quality

We promise to: Elevate and recognize those around us